Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015

Events subtly building in Widow's Watch and Seastone

What happened:
Pearl spoke with some of Lady Flint’s servants and convinced them to disclose what transpired at the meeting between the Bolton soldiers and her. One of the servants mentioned that the soldiers had brought up the fact that Lady Flint has a newborn, and that their hounds love the taste of young flesh.

Pearl then went with Ser Gregor to meet up with her informant at The Lusty Mermaid, where she fed a street urchin a few biscuits, and he directed them to the man. He welcomed them both, in spite of the very dangerous times, and basically warned them that this situation has become very dire. He informs the two that he knows they have been very busy, so busy that they didn’t notice that there were ravens sent from the envoy, and a messenger was sent by foot as well 3 days ago.

When she goes and speaks to her Aunt, Lady Flint is taken aback by the fact that Pearl went behind her back to discern something private. Pearl defended herself by claiming that she did this to protect her family. At this, Lady Flint discloses that she is fearful for her family, and is preparing herself to send Pearl away with her newborn son in tow. She asks that Pearl tell no one, and to be ready.

Tiffaly goes to speak with her noble friends, using her court-wise skill, and finds that the nobility are nervous given the current situation with the envoy and how Lady Pearl handled the situation at the dinner recently.

Tiffaly can sense that they are nervous about what may happen. In response, Tiffaly convinces the people there that the envoy in not to be trusted, and that as an example, they have a man who they will be executing for a crime that he did not commit. This riles up the group, and it looks like they will be making sure that this does not go unnoticed. Furthermore, Tiffaly tried to soothe the crowd’s nervousness with calming words from her faith, but she sees that they are placating her by listening, but are not taking these words to heart.

Gregor has made one of his beliefs that he wishes to see this envoy gone from Widow’s Watch. He accompanies Pearl in her scenes, and has made it clear that he wishes these men gone.

Mainae has been made aware of the current situations and has been calculating a counter strike to the Bolton envoy.

So Hayleigh awakens in a cell, cold, dark, and dank. There is a dim light from down the hall outside of the bars, and she calls out when she sees boot at the edge with a toe sticking out. He stumbles from his seat, and goes over to speak with Hayleigh, and she sees that it is the same guard who knocked her out at the inn. He tells her to be quiet and not to cause trouble, especially since she wouldn’t want to disturb Lord Tanner, and he smiles at that.

Hayleigh attempts to reason with the guard, and even threatens him when everyone finds out what has happened, but he walks away. After a few minutes, she notices a young girl’s face appear at the edge of her vision, and she begins to talk to this girl. The girl, Kiyana, says that her mother is one of the servants in the house, and asks Hayleigh if she is OK. Hayleigh says she isn’t, and if there is someway that this girl could help her. The girl says that her mother is upstairs with one of the guards, but Hayleigh persuades the girl to try and go to the Inn in town to inform Ser Willem that she is here. Kiyana agrees to do this, and leaves to go and try to get help.

He has just arrived on the top of the wall with the help of a friend from the Inn at Seastone, Morgan. Willem scanned the area, seeing the animal coop, garden, and the fortified building. In addition, he sees the 2 guards on the wall at the top of the gate, talking to each other while they watch the town.

Willem decides to sneak up the corner, and to sit behind the wall while Morgan creeps around to the other side with his bow nocked and ready. When Willem knocks on the wall, one of the guards slowly makes his way towards his location. As soon as the guard is on the other side of the wall, Willem leaps out from around the corner, sword drawn, with the intent of grabbing the soldier by the front of his shirt and holding the sword up to his throat. Unfortunately, the guard reacts quickly, pulling back from Willem, but in doing so he bumps up against the waist-high wall overlooking the front of the gate. Wasting no time, Willem runs up to him and uses the hilt of his sword to strike the soldier in the face. With that blow, the soldier falls back, over the wall and to the ground 20 feet below. When Willem turns to the other guard, he sees that the guard is looking in his direction, watching him with his mouth agape, as if he is in shock of what he just saw. Willem calls out to him to drop his weapon, but the guard does not even react, except for a spreading stain in the front of his shirt. A moment later, the guard collapses, revealing the arrow protruding from the back of his neck.

Willem tells Morgan to release the horses from the stables, and then to burn it down while he will go down into the fortified building and into the keep to look for Hayleigh. Willem passes down through what looks like an empty barracks, onto the ground between the keep and the wall. He then goes through a backdoor into the kitchen, dining room and sitting room, passing through the front entrance. He walks into a storage room, where Willem hears the combined sounds of moaning and grunting between 2 people the next room over, doubles back, and walks into a central room that contains a spiral staircase going either up or down, and doors going in all 3 directions. Willem quickly decides to head downstairs, and is doing so when he stops as he sees a pair of eyes staring back at him from the darkness going downwards…



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