Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015

New Journeys

While Pearl Flint was asked by Lady Flint to attend to another matter (side quest), Haleigh Slate was asked to appear before the Lady, who was in the presence of a soldier, dressed all in violet, going by the name of TDFK Fist (temporary). The lady informed Haleigh that there have been rumors of the Stark boy having been seen north of here, and to avoid attracting too much attention she is sending both of them as representatives to search and see if these rumors have any bearing, and if so to find the boy.
In the meantime, the rest of the party is still making their way back while escorting Roose Ryswell and the rest of the Bolton envoy. Tensions are running somewhat high as the groups has been attacked by Karstark men that seemed to feign their attack on the Bolton men while going for the kill on the Flint escort. The escort will be arriving at Widow’s Watch shortly…
While this was happening, Haleigh and Fist (and their driver) were traveling North on the scraggly trail to the hamlet of Seastone, when about halfway there they encountered a poorly dressed fellow who from all appearances was going to rob them. He was QUICKLY disarmed by Fist and confessed that he was merely trying to help the starving people in the hamlet. He states that there are children among them. They are unsure what they will do…



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