Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015

Prelude to the Trial of Ser Gregor

Ser Gregor is led to House Flint, where all of his possessions are removed, including this fancily decorated, yet incriminating sword and he is placed in a nicely furnished suite of rooms, and given sumptuous food and drink, as befits the son of a lord.

Mainae leaves Zandel Vree and the wounded soldier in the farmstead, warning them of other soldiers and to be wary of any attempt to help them since it could be a trap meant to kill them and remove their usefulness as witnesses. Mainae adds the final touch of mentioning that they should play up their illness if they are suspicious of the people. At that point she heads to House Barnell.
Ser Gregor is afforded visitors to see him, including that of his betrothed, Eyva Barnell, daughter of Lord Barnell. Relieved to see that he is ok, Eyva informs Gregor that Botley the Boil has been spreading terrible lies about him all over the house regarding his involvement in the slaughter of the Flint soldiers. Gregor requests that Eyva find Mainae Phyre, soldier in House Barnell’s troops, to come and speak to him since she was there and would know of the evidence that was taken. She agrees to do this and leaves him.
At House Barnell, Mainae makes her way to Farris Leed (the Steward), Kieran Orell (captain of the guards), and Lord Barnell. Here she informs them of what has transpired, the information regarding the unique sword, and the whereabouts of Ser Gregor and the few survivors of the battle that remained at the farmstead. Mainae is given a writ of passage to House Flint, where she is to be the eyes and ears of House Barnell, and to do no actions in the name of the house.
Mainae resupplies for the trip, and riding House Flint’s destrier, she rides to House Flint, passing the village on the outskirts on the way there. While there, she picks up a few tidbIts of information in the form of rumors. Rumors are: the plague is here, sent by the Bolton’s. There is a representative from the Bolton’s on his way to Widows Watch as we speak. And lastly, that there was a battle a few nights ago where many Flint soldiers died at the hands of the Bolton’s. In return, Mainae starts spreading her own rumor, that there is a spy in House Flint from House Bolton, who has a big boil on his nose….
Making her way to House Flint, Mainae hears rumors of a noble soldier held captive, and is found by Lady Barnell, who tells of Gregor’s request to have her speak to him. Making her way to Gregor, they confer with each other about what has happened and what needs to be done. Lastly, Mainae asks to be taken to where Gregor’s supplies are so that she can see that the mysterious sword is still ok.
On her way there, she observes a soldier carrying a blanket with the mysterious sword sticking out and loudly calls out that this sword does not belong in his hands. The soldier replies that he is merely rolling the orders of the soldiers from House Peak that are outside and requested that this sword be brought to them. Given the the strangeness of the request, Mainae asks that the captain of the guard, Dirron Brakker, be made aware of this situation given the significance of the sword. Once made aware, Captain Brakker takes possession of the sword and notifies everyone in the room that this sword will be his until the trial begins.
The following day, Ser Gregor is brought forth into the hall where a council has convened, consisting of his father, Lord Peak, as well as Lord Barnell, the Maester of House Flint, and the captain Brakker. A crowd has assembled to see the proceedings and one his fathers advisors is there to speak on Gregor’s behalf.
This is where the story will pick up next time….



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