Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015

Ser Gregor flashback

How he lost his left eye...


Ser Gregor goes back and plays out the ranged and melee battle that took place about a year before the current events. This is the battle where he and his close friend, Ser Cedrik Fowler, with a.group of 5 soldiers, go on patrol at the behest of House Flint.

The group has been told that there have reports of soldiers from House Bolton moving through the areas north of here, and that they want to avoid any snooping from those groups.

While on patrol with Ser Cedrik, they stumble upon two young boys and their father, who has recently been shot with an arrow through the midsection. Ser Gregor quickly goes to administer aid and to treat the wound, which he does an excellent job of. In return, the boys are quick to tell the group of soldiers in black that were moving through the woods.

The group moves through, sneaks up to the group, and begins to fire at them from the top of a hill. The enemies scatter and try to run away, but Ser Gregor’s group contains them with arrow fire and drops more of the soldiers.

They finally charge in, and finish off the rest of them with their melee weapons. Turns out the soldiers were a mix of Ser Bolton’s men, with men from Karstark…. Why are they working together?



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