Fabian Chester

One of the chefs at House Flint


Fabian Chester is a young (23 years old) man who is one of the three chefs at House Flint. With his chestnut brown hair and green eyes, he is fancied by some of the young girls, particularly those who know they will never marry a knight or a noble.


While growing up a peasant, Fabian had dreams of becoming a hedge knight, and fighting for valor and love. In his early teens, an accident left his right leg badly injured, and all of his dreams were put aside for hard work. Luckily, a servant who saw Fabian abilities with food got him a job in the kitchens at House Flint, and it wasn’t long before he acquired a local reputation for his cooking. Soon after that he was moved up into the position of being one of three chefs at the House.

Fabian Chester

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