Pearl Flint of House Flint

The quiet and elegant lady in waiting...


Pearl Flint is originally from The Fingers, but has run away for unknown and undisclosed reasons to Widow’s Watch, where she was taken in by Lady Flint who had just recently disclosed that she was expecting. Up to this point, Pearl has known that magic is reawakening in the world, since she has discovered that she has a talent and ability for it, particularly in regards to the Old Gods.

Pearl would like to make the Flint name more powerful, wants to strengthen her magical abilities, and would like one day to return to her home in The Fingers.

Pearl always protects her family, never acts beneath her station, and if she is by herself, will always try magic as here first solution.


Pearl Flint of House Flint

Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015 danielle_sottosanti