Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015

After the battle

Mainae and Ser Gregor

After the battle, Mainae interrogates the sole remaining soldier from the battle, and finds out that Botley the Boil was responsible for sending the soldiers to kill the PC’s, and to recover the sword given to the farmer by the trader. Even the soldier doesn’t know why they were sent to recover a sword.

But right after interrogating the soldier, a group of commoners and farmers approach the PC’s, hearing the sounds of battle and people dying. The mob calls out to the PC’s, demanding to know why they killed some of Lady Flint’s men, and are ready to take justice into their own hands. During the battle of wits, Mainae manages to convince the mob that their intentions and just.

In the morning, while breaking camp, the PC’s notice a large group of soldiers from Widow’s Watch approaching. Mainae and the trader stealthily head off to try to see who is approaching and see a large group of Lady Flint’s soldiers, including Botley the Boil among them. They rush back to camp and taking the last soldier with them, head to a nearby farm to hide.

Ser Gregor breaks camp and then approaches the group to see what is going on. The leader of the group seeing Ser Gregor, asks what the meaning of all of this is, since they have heard reports of the sounds of battle and the accounts of dead soldiers. See Gergor is honest, and admits that he killed all the soldiers, since they came to kill Ser Gregor and his group. The captain is willing to listen, but unsure of all of this information, so he asks Ser Gregor to put down his arms and to come to House Flint to clear up this confusion. They go to the site of the battle, see the shallow graves of the soldiers, and then leave to take Ser Gregor to House Flint… Botley the Boil is not pleased by this…



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