Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015

Mainae and Tiffaly

So while Pearl was being active, Mainae and Tiffaly were each doing their own things:

Mainae went to House Peak to ask questions of the blacksmith there, who stiffened and got real quiet when Mainae asked him about the fancy swords that Lord Peak had. From there, things got very eerie for her as runners went out to spread the word that this woman mercenary from another house was talking about this sword.
When she was sent to Lord Peak, he was livid with her and told her that she should keep her mouth shut, and as he leaned in to tell her this, Mainae got a whiff of the cloves on his breath, which sent her spiralling towards awful memories of her recent past.
At this point Mainae went to go and see House Barnell, but ran into the captain of the guard going to House Flint on an urgent matter, and had Mainae accompany them.

Tiffaly was sent out by the abbess to find out what she could of the spreading flux. Being the daughter of a noble, Tiffaly went to House Flint to see what rumors she could find in the court.

Tiffaly shows up to House Flint while Pearl is saying goodbye to Gregor Peak and his soldiers. They converse and Tiffaly finds out about Botley being held captive in the dungeons, so of course she convinces some of the guards to let her down and offer him council from the Old Gods.

Mainae shows up with the Barnell soldiers, and is told to walk around the perimeter while they go up with Pearl to see lady Flint. Gregor goes up and leaves his soldiers behind, which Mainae uses as an opportunity to draw some more information out of them. it is during this time, that the soldiers ask what House Barnell is doing here, and seems very on edge. Mainae also sees a Peak soldier sneak into House Flint…

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the soldiers draw steel and begin attacking anyone close by to the Peak wagons. Mainae defeats the soldier in front of her, then begins to run in and head to the dungeons. In the dungeons, Tiffaly finds Botley the boil, hanging from the chains on his wrists and unconscious. She offers him a prayer, and he briefly comes out of it, mentioning Lord Peak and saying things like “he made me do it…” before fading back into unconsciousness. While she is there, she hears some scuffling from the entrance to the dungeons and an awful gurgling noise coming from someone. She tries to hide by sneaking into one of the empty cells nearby, and sees a figure coming down the row of cells, weapon drawn. he glances into the cell that Tiffaly is hiding in, but continues to move down towards Botley. A moment later, Tiffaly hears another person coming down the hall, and sees what looks like Pearl with a sword in hand, moving down the hall. She goes to check on Botley’s cell when a voice behind her threatens her with death! Pearl is attacked and Tiffaly runs out to defend her. in the ensuing scuffle, Tiffaly is cut on her side, twice, and the person is looking for the kill, when Mainae runs out of the darkness and runs him through with her sword, killing him.



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