Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015

The Arrival

Ser Gregor and his father Ser Vayon Peak have just fought their Trial by Combat, with Ser Gregor giving his father no quarter, and decapiates him, becoming the new Lord Peak. Soon after, word comes that Lady Flint has gone into labor and that the envoy from House Bolton has been spotted on the edges of Lady Flint’s territory.

Mainae, Ser Gregor, and Tiffaly the acolyte, with a retinue of soldiers and the Lady Pearl Flint herself leave to go and meet this envoy and to escort them back to Widow’s Watch. On their way there, uncertain about her aunt’s condition, and with the risk of something terrible happening when they meet the envoy, Pearl Flint is convinced to go back to Widow’s Watch with all haste and to make preparations there for the arrival of the host of soldiers.

When arriving she sees the ward of her house, Lady Hayleigh, and asks her of any news that has happened while she has been away these past few days.

In the meantime, the escort finally meets up with the host, and sees a large (20-30) group of soldiers, with no sight of Lord Bolton or his legitimized heir Roose, but another younger noble from the Western reaches of Westerns, Rickard Ryswell, of House Ryswell.

This is where the story will begin…



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