Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015

Trial aftermath

So Pearl goes to explain everything to Lady Flint, who is taken aback by the adventures of Pearl, and the admission that Ser Gregor was there at the massacre of the Flint soldiers.

Pearl goes back to her room to rest, and while she is sleeping, a peasant somehow sneaks into her room with a dagger to kill her. She awakens, and tries her magic to disarm the peasant, but fails and is attacked. She suffers a minor injury to her arm as the two of them scuffle, while Pearl is yelling for help the entire time. Fortunately, a soldier hears her cries for help and kills the man. This begins an investigation into how/why someone would break in to attack Pearl.

At this time, Ser Gregor’s trial begins, and Pearl sends the head chef, Fabian, to go and observe in her stead. Afterwards, Pearl goes to the stables and gives 2 gold to a stable boy to go and see what he can discover about the incoming plague.

Ser Gregor awaken the morning after Mainae saved his life and the life of Eyva Barnell. During the day, he is called to speak with his father, Lord Vayon Peak, who is relieved that his son and heir is OK, and to inform Gregor that he should be prepared in the coming days for action with Lord Bolton’s envoy on his way to Widow’s Watch. It is during this exchange that Gregor sees what appears to a sword wrapped up In a gray cloth on the table behind his father. When questioned, his father shows him the short sword with a moonstone pommel, and says that this was an old gift to the house. He brushes away any mention of how this sword is a copy of the sword that was held by the infected trader at the beginning of this whole mess. Before Gregor leaves, his father asks him if he would do a great favor for him, and is ready to tell Gregor something, but at the last moment relents and says nevermind.

Mainae after trial goes to speak with Maester Branden and Farris Leed about the confiscated sword and its connections to who may be responsible for the flux. She persuades them take the sword to someone who may be able to identify it, and they allow her to accompany them to master smith Petyr, who only needed a few moments to recognize it as the work of the smith from House Peak!! WHY?….



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