Mainae Phyre

Cold-blooded mercenary


Mainae is a mercenary working for House Barnell, who has had an extremely difficult life up to this point. Born a peasant, Mainae has been a harem slave and killed people to escape awful and difficult situations. Because of that, Mainae can be charming and manipulative, but inside she is a cold and calculating killer.

Her goals in life right now are to find the identity and to kill the noble in Widow’s Watch who impregnated her and whose child’s she bore, and killed. She also wants to bring down the house responsible for her past.

Mainae will always indulge with the nobility, always has an eye on points of egress when in a situation, and if she is spooked or uncomfortable, always improvises and conceals a weapon to hurt someone with.

Mainae Phyre

Widow's Watch is Burning, 2015 Marrin