Tiffaly Vana of House Vana

Holy Priestess of the Old Gods


You are druidic in a certain sense. Here is an example from the text of a much older version of you.
"An old dwarf woman who lives in the vicinity of High Heart.

The Ghost of High Heart apparently has prophetic dreams, which she shares with the Brotherhood Without Banners. (ASOS 23)"

“Three days later, they stop at a village hidden in the trees run by a woman called the Lady of the Leaves. She tells them that Beric is dead as well, killed when Gregor stabbed him through the eye.3 Lem tells her that is an old tale and false. The next day they stop at the ruins of a village called Sallydance. The septon there tells them that Northmen came through and looted the sept while looking for Jaime. They stay there that night and the next day come to a place called High Heart. The hill is surrounded by the stumps of thirty-one weirwoods. Tom explains that the place was sacred to the children of the forest. The locals claim it is haunted by the spirits of the children that were killed there by the Andal king Erreg the Kinslayer.
That night, a storm wakes Arya, and she sees Greenbeard, Tom, and Lem talking to a shrunken old woman.4 She is telling them that the old gods will not let her sleep and send her dreams. She has dreamed of a shadow with a burning heart butchering a stag,5 a man without a face waiting on a bridge with a drowned crow with seaweed in its wings on his shoulder,6 and a woman who was a fish with red tears on her cheeks who is dead, but her eyes open.7 She asks Tom for a song in return. The next morning, Arya asks Tom about her, and he says she is just an old dwarf woman, but she did point them in the right direction to find Beric. The next day, they come to Acorn Hall. Lady Ravella Smallwood greets them on their arrival. When she learns that Arya is noble born, she has her bathed and clothed with her daughter, Carellen’s, garments. Carellen is currently in Oldtown staying with a great-great-aunt who is a septa. Lady Ravella informs them that Lord Beric stayed there a fortnight past and tells them where to look for him. She also tells them that Northmen came looking for Jaime. They tell Arya to leave while they talk of these things, and she and Gendry go to check out the forge. They talk, and then start to wrestle. When they return to the castle, Ravella gives Arya another bath. The next morning, they ride off.”


Tiffaly Vana of House Vana

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